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Food Safety

July 27, 2012 :: Veterinary Public Health

2012-07-27 17:35:16

Photo: 1959, Argentina. PANAFTOSA is the Veterinary Public Health Unit/Pan-American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center of the Pan American Health Organization. The Center has developed important work in the control and eradication of FMD since its opening in 1951. In 1997, technical cooperation on zoonoses was included in their mandates, and in 2007 food safety became another area of work...

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Agriculture and Health Authorities Highlight the Importance of Coordinated Interaction between Agriculture, Health and Environment to Ensure Food and Nutritional Security

2012-07-27 14:17:27

Ministers of Health and Agriculture of the Americas expressed a growing need to maintain and strengthen coordination between Public and Animal Health...

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Agriculture Ministers of Health and Agriculture Discuss Plans for Sustainable Food Production and Food Safety

2012-07-26 20:38:36

Ministers of Health and Agriculture in the Americas are meeting today and tomorrow to discuss the challenges and opportunities to meet the growing demand for safe...

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Ministers of Health and Agriculture will Meet to Join Forces and Improve the Well-being of the Peoples in the Americas

2012-07-19 17:55:35

RIMSA is the most important forum in the Americas where the health and agriculture sectors discuss common issues and define veterinary public health policies. RIMSA 16 participants will look into the challenges and opportunities for...

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