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Hurricane Sandy Causes Damages in the United States while the Caribbean Works on Needs Assessment

2012-10-31 13:29:26

Tens of people died after Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast of the United States. More than eight million homes and businesses don’t have electricity and more than 13,000 flights have been cancelled. The floods have paralyzed New York City and public transportation, and have forced the closing of two...

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Essential Medicines List for Emergencies and Disasters in the Caribbean

2012-08-03 11:18:22

Every year, countries are faced by threats of hurricanes, floods, landslides, earthquakes and volcanoes. Several diseases have been observed in the aftermath of such disaster situations. For example, floods can potentially increase the transmission of...

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Rapid Assessment of Damage is Allowing Immediate Access to Cooperation in Guatemala

2010-06-03 15:16:19

Four days after the Agatha tropical storm and in the aftermath of the eruption of the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala, evaluation and health response teams have managed to reach the affected areas to take stock of the damage and give immediate attention to the affected population. The evaluation is allowing the development of a fast and efficient system of cooperation with the country. (in Spanish)

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