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Sexual and reproductive health: guides for the PHC focused continuum of care of women and newborn
Friday, 28 May 2010 18:56

Sexual and reproductive health: guides for the HPC focused continuum of care of women and newborn: guides for basic practiceMontevideo: CLAP/WR; 2009. (CLAP/WR. Scientific Publication; 1562-02)
ISBN: 978-92-75-130056-8

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With the renewal of the Primary Health Care strategy, evidence-based guidelines are needed to help health care providers develop standards that may contribute to improve the health of women and their children. Moreover, these interventions must be cost/ effective, since a basic principle of primary care states they should include the entire population of pregnant women and their children.

The current guide covers a wide aspects of Prenatal Care and Low-Risk Childbirth, the promotion and prevention criterion seeks to improve the health of the woman, the couple and her child, using relatively simple measures. It also incorporates new aspects on family planning with a rights approach, including emergency contraception and the concept of integral care, to avoid any missed opportunities and to improve efficiency of the contact between the health care staff and the woman and her child.

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