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PAHO Fellowships
2009-08-07 16:20:52

The PAHO Barbados Fellowships Program was developed to assist with training in support of health developmental needs of the countries.

PAHO Fellowships:

  • are specially tailored training activities with specific learning objectives
  • are available to citizens of member states of the Pan American Health Organization
  • provide opportunities for advanced study in public health fields that are not customarily available in the Fellow's home country
  • are awarded in response to nationally approved health or health-related priorities in the context of Health for All
  • are consistent with national human resource policies and plans

Awarding Fellowships

Fellowships are normally awarded for periods ranging from three weeks to a maximum of one year, and are fulfilled in a training institution or in the field, inside or outside the Fellow's country. They may be renewed if training progresses satisfactorily, funds are available and the Ministry of Health in the country of origin gives approval.

The Office of Eastern Caribbean Countries (ECC) manages and administers the Fellowship program within its region and in direct consultation with the "sending" or "receiving" country.

Candidates for Fellowships are selected by the country's Fellowships Committee. A PAHO representative serves on the Fellowship Committee in an advisory capacity. National fellowship committees meet annually at a time determined locally.

Intra-regional Training

Fellowships for intra-regional training are awarded by the PAHO/WHO Representative. These applications must be received three months in advance of the commencement date for training.

The Fellowships Officer of the ECC Office processes Fellowship Applications for intra-regional training as follows:

  • Copies of the application forms are forwarded to the PAHO Office in the country of training. From there, the forms are sent to the training institution.
  • When notification of the candidate's acceptance is received from the training institution, the identified funds are committed, flight arrangements made, and necessary documents prepared.
  • The Ministry of Health is notified.
  • The Letter of Award and first month's stipend are forwarded to the Fellow through the Ministry of Health.
  • The PAHO Office in the country of training is informed of the Fellow's arrival date and funds are allocated.

Extra-regional Training

Fellowships for extra-regional training are forwarded to the Fellowships Division of PAHO Headquarters by the PAHO/WHO Representative. These applications must be received six months in advance of the commencement date for training.

When a Fellowship is awarded, the PAHO Barbados Office arranges placement in a training program and confirms all arrangements in coordination with our overseas offices and the Fellowship recipient.

The Fellowship Stipend

The Fellowship Award covers:

  • the cost of travel directly related to the purposes of the Fellowship, including international travel and travel within the country of study
  • a daily living allowance
  • health insurance coverage if required by the country of study
  • payment for tuition which is disbursed on a semester basis, and is subject to the presentation of academic results over the period of time covered by the tuition.
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 Application Forms

Applying for a Fellowship

To apply for a fellowship:

  • Download the  Fellowship Application Form (104 kB) and the  Fellowship Endorsement Sheet (48 kB) or obtain the forms from your national health administration (usually the Ministry of Health).
  • Complete four copies of the Fellowship Application, following the detailed instructions listed below.

  • Submit the applications and the Endorsement Sheet to your national health administration.

Application Deadlines


The Office of Eastern Caribbean Countries (ECC) must receive applications from the candidate's government for:

  • intra-regional training - 3 months in advance
  • extra-regional training - 6 months in advance


These notes should help you to avoid mistakes which could delay the processing of your application.

  1. If you require additional information, contact your national health administration.
  2. To locate the correct office and responsible officer within the Ministry, contact the PAHO Office of ECC or the PAHO Representative in your country.
  3. PAHO/WHO Fellowship Offices are not permitted to dispense or accept applications from individuals. Candidates must be nominated by their government, their applications must have the written endorsement of their government, and the applications must be forwarded to the PAHO Country Representative by the government's Ministry of Health.
  4. Information you give on the fellowship application form is the basis on which appropriateness of the fellowship request and the optimal program of study will be decided. Therefore, make sure that each question is completed as fully and precisely as possible in order that the Fellowships Officers making the arrangements for your study can thoroughly understand your needs.

How to Fill in the Form

You must complete and sign four copies of the Fellowship Application form and send them to your Ministry of Health. Be sure you make an extra copy for yourself.

The four sets of forms for submission must be typewritten in one of the PAHO/WHO's official languages ( ENGLISH & SPANISH ). If the language in the country where you propose to undertake your fellowship is not an official PAHO/WHO language, you may submit an additional copy completed in that language.

In order to ensure that the application forms are legible, please use a dark typewriter ribbon (preferably black) for the top sheet and black carbon paper for the copies. This ensures easier reading and good photocopying of the application, should this be required. If the space provided on the application form is inadequate, you may use additional sheets, but be sure that the continuation sheet identifies the question being answered.

Remember, keep one copy of the application form for your own records as you will need it for reference to the objectives of study as stated on page 4 when presenting your term and/or final reports.

  Answer all questions with great care, paying particular attention to the following:

  1. Personal Data - Different countries have different customs for stating a person's name. Since your passport will be your primary identification document, particularly for cashing cheques, provide your full name as it appears on your passport. Underline the part of your name by which you can be traced alphabetically in files and on the computer.
  2. Language Ability - If you are applying for a Fellowship for which the language of instruction is not your mother tongue, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to understand, speak and write the foreign language sufficiently well to pursue your studies. You are earnestly advised to get as much practise as possible before proceeding on your fellowship. Most countries require a language proficiency certificate which must be attached to each application form. You should contact the Fellowship Department of your Health Ministry for information on how to acquire a certificate of language competence. For studies in the United States and English-speaking Canada, you are required to sit an English test administered by the Michigan English Language Institute or a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), depending upon the institution of study. You will be given instructions in this regard after the application has been received in the WHO Regional Office for the Americas, PAHO Washington DC. For studies in the United Kingdom, the British Council English Language Test certificate should be presented.
  1. Study Objectives - Study objectives should be in line with your country's national priorities.
  1. What Do You Propose To Do After Completion of Study - Fellows are expected to contribute to the attainment of national priorities on their return home. Please keep this in mind when completing questions 7 and 10.

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Conditions Governing a PAHO/WHO Fellowship

The booklet "WHO Fellowships" states certain conditions of which you need to be aware.
PLEASE READ IT. It is available from:

Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization
Office of Eastern Caribbean Countries
Dayrell's Road & Navy Gardens
Christ Church, Barbados, WI

The postal address is:
P.O. Box 508
Barbados, WI

Phone:(246) 426-3860
Fax:(246) 436-9779

Local Assistance in Completing the Application

Should you encounter difficulty in completing the form, please contact your national health administration which can help you or refer you to the PAHO/WHO Office which serves your country.

Medical Certificate

The medical certificate should be provided prior to the date of the commencement of the fellowship and should be accompanied by a chest X-ray not more than six months old. A new medical examination may be required if the previous medical report is more than four months old. For Fellowships of up to one month duration, a statement of good health, attested to by a duly-qualified physician, will be sufficient. Note that some host countries may require an HIV test.

Submission of Fellowship Application

It takes at least six months to process a fellowship application properly. You are therefore advised to make your application as early as possible and send it to your Ministry of Health without delay. If an academic program is requested, certified copies of diplomas and certified copies of transcripts (academic record) or marksheets must also be provided.

In instances where the diplomas and transcripts are in a language different from the proposed language of study, a certified translation must also be attached.

Please make sure that all questions have been answered and that you have signed on the last page.

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