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With the objective to sensitize Caribbean Media Practitioners to the implications of gender and ethnic inequialities on health, GEH organized the Caribbean Media Awards that aimed to build capacitiy of the media practitioners in print, voice or video, in gender mainstreaming so as to empower them to become worthy advocates.

Also, in this context, a training with 13 journalists on gender equality and women's empowerment was held in 2007.

The winner's media pieces (print articles in 2008, and radio programs in 2007) were used as tools for advocacy and as information to sensitize the wider Caribbean sub-region on gender and ethnic inequalities on health.

Winner in 2008

Cedriann J. Martin is a journalist who has worked communicating reproductive, population and women's issues in media in her native Trinidad. She has obtained several awards for her work such as the 2006 UNFPA Caribbean Media, Award; 14th Annual PAHO/Caribbean Health Journalism Award; 14th Annual PAHO National Health Journalism Awards, among other awards.

Article of the Caribbean Media Awards Winner 2008

Winner in 2007

Francis Peters, native of Grenada, has experience in multimedia development. He is a writer, producer and director of radio and television programs. He is the founder of The Family Theater Company.


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