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Influenza and Workers’ Health

The transmission of infectious diseases such as influenza is a major problem that affects both patients as well as health care workers. Health care workers are especially vulnerable to influenza, as they are at the frontline against the spread of emerging and existing infections.

PAHO and its Collaborating Centers in Occupational Health are working with member states on several activities to reduce the risk of transmission of influenza in the workplace.

Photocredit: PAHO

Some activities that had been done in 2009 include:

  • For this year's Vaccination Week in the Americas, PAHO launched a regional slogan "Inmunization begins with health care workers: get vaccinated."
  • Awareness activities around this theme have been organized in the region.
  • Training programs for health care workers have been delivered in several countries to inform them about their occupational risk of exposure to biological agents, including influenza, and preventive measures against influenza in the workplace.*

*These resources and materials can be accessed via the Geolibrary under the special section on influenza.

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