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Approximately 57% of people living within the Americas are at risk of malaria infection. To draw attention to the issue, Malaria Day in the Americas was observed for the third consecutive year on November 6, 2009. It provided a platform upon which countries of the Region could engage in a year-round aggressive campaign against the disease.

A Malaria Champion of the Americas, making great strides in combating malaria within the Western Hemisphere, was selected and announced on November 6th, 2009. Following is a description of the final nominees for Malaria Champions of the Americas, 2009.


Dr. Mario H. Rodriguez Lopez
National Public Health Institute
Morales, Mexico

Health Division of the Social-DSFES FES Foundation

Fighting malaria in Ecuador is no small undertaking, but two organizations aren’t just up to the task—they’re making serious in-roads. SNEM (Servicio Nacional de Control de Enfermedades Transmitaidas por Vectores Atropodos) is the organization historically in charge of malaria control in Ecuador.

Dr. Rodriguez is a leading authority on malaria and has spent a great deal of his professional career working closely with various partners to control malaria in Mexico. He is the regional leader of the Mesoamerican Initiative for Public Health working to eliminate malaria in the region. In this role, he has been a successful manager in implementing interventions to control malaria and develop an information system for health in the Mesoamerica region.

Based in Colombia, the Health Division of the Social-DSFES FES Foundation is a research group in public health that has spent more than 18 years conducting research, technical assistance, monitoring, and development of public health interventions to control malaria in endemic regions. Their work has been primarily concentrated in the Buenaventura region of Colombia.

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