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The Mental Health Project (MH) is a technical unit of PAHO, within the Department of Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health (NMH), which promotes, coordinates and implements technical cooperation activities directed to strengthen the national capacities to develop policies, plans, programs and services, thus contributing to promote mental health, reduce the burden of the psychic diseases, prevent disabilities, and develop rehabilitation. 

At present the majority of the Latin American and Caribbean Countries are receiving some kind of technical cooperation in mental health from PAHO/WHO, either systematically, through specific projects, or punctually, in answer to concrete requests from governments. 


To support Member States in their effort to improve the situation related to mental health


To assure that the countries of the Region will implement Mental Health policies and plans and adopt the necessary measures to overcome barriers to the access to quality health services, particularly of the vulnerable population. 

Project Team 

  • Jorge Rodriguez, Unit Chief
  • Dévora Kestel,  Adviser
  • Claudina Cayetano, Subregional Adviser (Mexico, Central America and Hispanic Caribbean Countries)
  • Hugo Cohen, Subregional Adviser (South America)
  • Martha Koev,  Assistant of the Project

(See map of the Subregionalization of the Mental Health Project of PAHO/WH0)

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