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PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers. Search Database

Institution name Country Title

Fundacão Pro-Sangue-Hemocentro de São Paulo (FPS/HSP)


Collaborating Center of Serology in Blood Banks

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations 


Collaborating Center on Patient Safety

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute


Collaborating Center for Clinical Laboratory Standards and Acceditation

Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education (ORISE)


Collaborating Center for Radiation Emergency Assistance

Thomas Jeffereson University


Collaborating Center for Continuing and General Education in Diagnostic Ultrasound

Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission


Collaborating Center on Radiation Protection and Medical Preparedness to Radiation Accidents

Mammary Research Centre (Centro de Investigaciones Mamarias)


Collaborating Center for Breast Diagnostic Imaging in Mammary Pathology

Center for Global Health, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa


Collaborating Center for Knowledge Translation and Health Technology Assessment in Health Equity



Collaborating Center in Health Technology 

Universidad CES 


Collaborating Center for Health Technology 

Instituto de Engenharia Biomédic, Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina


Collaborating Center for Healthcare Technology Management 

Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) 


Collaborating Center for Patient Safety, Risk Management & Health Care Technology 

National University La Plata Argentina     Collaborating Center on Problem-based Pharmacotherapy Teaching
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) Brazil Collaborating Center for Pharmaceutical Policies
Cooperativa de Hospitales de Antioquia (COHAN) Centro Integral Colombia Collaborating Center for Essential Drugs and Hospital Supplies
University of Illinois at Chicago USA Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine
National Institutes of Health USA Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine
Food & Drug Administration (FDA) USA Collaborating Center for Biological Standardization

Boston University School of Public Health


Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy


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