Webinar Series on Primary Health Care

In response to the emerging and constantly evolving challenges facing health systems, PAHO offers this new series of virtual seminars focused on Primary Health Care (PHC) and its adaptation to initiatives to integrate health services in the Region of the Americas.

This series of webinars will address essential issues such as PHC financing, health systems governance, and quality management in integrated service delivery. During the webinars, the importance of public spending on health will be highlighted, the role of the private sector will be examined, and how PHC can function as an effective strategy to overcome access barriers and promote integrated care that improves outcomes. of health.

Objective of the series

  • Strengthen the capacity of the participants to face the current and future challenges of our health systems with a focus on the integration of health services and the implementation of PHC.

  • Provide tools and knowledge to improve access, use and quality of health services.

  • Promote community participation, health literacy and care seeking, and improve the determinants of health.

  • Contribute to a better understanding and application of the strategic and operational levers necessary for the integration of services and the implementation of PHC.

Target audience

This series of webinars is aimed at health professionals, health service administrators, policy makers, decision makers, academics, students, and other relevant stakeholders in the field of health.


Strategies to ensure access to health services: overcome barriers and guarantee continuity

July 31, 2023. The objective of the seminar is to promote the reflection of a diverse group of high-level panelists, motivated by two regional reports that PAHO/WHO. The first report, "Analyzing and Overcoming Access Barriers to Strengthen Primary Health Care," and the second is about the results of the "Fourth round of the national survey on the continuity of essential health services during the COVID-19" pandemic, providing valuable lessons on the relevance of service continuity.

Presentations and videos recording available here.

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Financing of Primary Health Care and Integrated Services and Care: Challenges and Opportunities

August 25, 2023. This virtual seminar aims to promote debate, in the Region, on the PHC financing proposals issued by the Lancet Commission and the resolutions approved by PAHO member countries to strengthen the PHC approach and promote the integration of services and people-centered care from practice with a territorial vision.

Presentations and videos recording available here.

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Primary Health Care and patient participation in the quality and safety of care

September 21, 2023.  To celebrate the World Patient Safety Day, PAHO hold a virtual seminar with patients, decision makers, health teams, and academics to discuss and share their experiences and reflections on how to increase patient and family participation in improving the quality and safety of health care.

Presentations and videos recording available here.

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Regulation of private sector participation in health with a focus on the insurance function in the Americas