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Global Policy Group of WHO arrives in Cuba

World Health Organization Regional Directors were received in Havana, Cuba, by the national authorities of the Ministry of Public Health and the Representative of PAHO/WHO in Cuba. Beginning Monday, March 26, officials from the Global Group Policy (GPG) of WHO will participate in a series of scheduled activities along with PAHO/WHO Cuba staff and directors of the Ministry of Health.


Members of WHO delegation are:

  •  Dr. Margaret Chan. Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO)
  •  Dr. Anarfi Asamoa-Baah. WHO Assistant Director-General
  •  Dr. Kennedy Andrew Cassels, Advisor to the DG of WHO
  •  Dr. Luis Sambo. WHO Regional Director for Africa
  •  Dr. Mirta Roses. Director of the Pan American Health Organization
  •  Dr. Ala Din Alwan. WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean
  •  Dr. Zsuzsana Jakab. WHO Regional Director for Europe
  •  Dr. Samlee Plianbangchang. WHO Regional Director for South East Asia
  •  Dr. Shin Young-soo. WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific
  •  Dr. Koorchamveettil Surendranathan. Administrative Officer to RD - WHO-SEARO
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