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Floods in Suriname Situation Report, May 19

Rains continue to fall in Suriname causing the Marowijne River, which is on the Eastern border with French Guiana, to rise to over 4.5 meters. Food distribution to the affected areas are being coordinated by the National Coordination Centre for Disasters (NCCR) using Dutch and Brazillian helicopters. The NCCR is also following up on reports of neglected villages and mal-distribution of supplies.

An assessment of the village at Grand Santi on the Marowijne River in French Guyana reported 500 displaced persons from Suriname have arrived and have joined a similar number of local maroons at the shelters there. The shelter conditions are poor, with no food, water and communication. The health centre at Stoelman Island on the Suriname side is receiving people form the local area and from the French side. A team from PAHO is to visit Stoelman Island and Grand Santi today.

In the south of Suriname, in the village of Tepou, there are reports of diarrhea and upper respiratory cases among young children. A team from PAHO / French Red Cross is to investigate today.

PAHO has purchased 25 water tanks and water purification tablets initially, more tanks, as well as vaccines and cold chain supplies will be procured for the Ministry of Health. PAHO has also mobilized technical advisors to assist other national and international agencies in the relief work. These experts participated in the UNDAC assessment team which is wrapping up its mission to Suriname. They will continue to assist the Ministry of Health in a wide range of public health programs, including reducing the country’s vulnerability to disasters over the coming weeks.


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