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Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief

Turks and Caicos

Situation Reports


9 September - Hurricane Ike impacted Turks and Caicos as a Category 4 Hurricane over the weekend, with winds of up to 135 mph. Initial reports indicate that there is extensive flooding across the Islands. The only hospital in Grand Turk (pop. 6,000) suffered significant damage, and 13 geriatric patients had to be moved to a differente wing of the hospital.

More than 90% of the houses in Grand Turk have sustained damages (50% severe damage). Electricity and telephone services have been restored. In Providenciales Island (pop. 30,442), the public water supply has been affected. There are no reports of deaths, missing or injuries as of yet.


Hurricane Hanna caused heavy flooding in the five islands. No deaths have been reported; however 800 people had to move to shelters. The Ministry of Health requested PAHO/WHO that a water and sanitation expert be mobilized.

PAHO/WHO's Appeal for International Aid for Turks and Caicos

Contributions/pledges to date to
Turks and Caicos Appeal

DFID/UK        US$ 160,000

The damaged hospital in Grand Turk after Hurricane Ike.

More photos from damage caused by Hurricane Ike (copyright Ton Vlugman, PAHO/WHO):
Grand Turk
Grand Turk Hospital
South Caicos
Five Cays


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