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The Earthquake in Haiti--One Year Later

One year after the earthquake of 12 January 2010 struck Haiti, PAHO/WHO continues to support the response through initiatives aimed at rebuilding a devastated health system and improving the health of the Haitian population. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, a complex humanitarian response was launched to save lives and assist the affected population. In the months that followed the earthquake, far reaching interventions saved lives and reduced the health consequences of the disaster. This report highlights accomplishments in the health sector and additional challenges faced by the country.

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A week in the life of PAHO/WHO Haiti office

A week in the life of PAHO/WHO Haiti office

Nothing compares to the rhythm and energy of a work week at the PAHO/WHO representative office in post-earthquake Haiti. Even under ideal conditions, this office faced huge challenges in trying to meet the health needs of the Haitian population. Since the earthquake, the staff has expanded, incorporating health experts from around the world to help rebuild the health system. As each week begins, the PAHO/WHO team begin work with their counterparts at other agencies and within the Ministry of Health to help tackle the country's health problems.


New Report on the Earthquake in Haiti

This report updates the current health situation in Haiti, providing an overview of what PAHO/WHO, the Ministry of Public Health and other partners are doing to respond to health needs.  It also looks at progress being made in a variety of areas including delivery of health services, communicable disease control, maternal and neonatal health, and more.

The report can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish.


Spain Sends Medicines via PAHO/WHO for Quake Survivors in Haiti

The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) has received a donation of medicines from the Queen Sofía Foundation of Spain, worth 600.000 Euros. The drugs will be used to treat people affected by the earthquake that struck Haiti last Tuesday.


PAHO/WHO Information Resources on Emergencies

PAHO/WHO has prepared the following list of information resources that includes manuals, technical guidelines, and webpages, for people working in the response to the earthquake in Haiti.

Quick reference, Blood Safety, Child health in emergencies, Communicable Diseases, Emergency and surgical care management, Environmental health in emergencies, Essential medicines, Food Safety, Gender and gender-based violence, Health services and hospitals, Injection safety, Management of dead bodies, Medical Waste in Emergencies, Mental health, Nutrition, Patient safety, Publications and libraries on disasters, Reproductive and sexual health in emergencies, Risk communication and assessment, Traveler's health, Water and sanitation, Wounds and injuries

There is also a list of all documentation available in French.

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