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Workshop on Knowledge Management and Communications in PAHO/WHO Colombia

A team from the Area of Knowledge Management and Communications headquarters' office, headed by the Area Manager, Marcelo D'Agostino, the eHealth Advisor, David Novillo, and the Media and Communications Specialist, Leticia Linn, visited this week the PAHO/WHO Colombia office in order to conduct a workshop for the Office staff.

The agenda for this event included a panel on: PAHO as a leader in the Information Society, multimedia and communications workshops, presentation on the virtual library on health platform, a training workshop on PAHO's web conferencing tool, presentations on networks and communities of practice, guidelines and recommendations for the development and production of publications and the opportunity for exchanging experiences in Knowledge Management.

The workshop counted with the participation of all PAHO/WHO Colombia Office staff, as well as some guests from partner institutions, in order to establish mechanisms to strengthen technical cooperation, based on the different knowledge management practices.

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