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Consultative Working Group to Draft New PAHO Budget Policy

A special working group made up of representatives of six Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) member countries is meeting this week (Feb. 1–3) to discuss and draft a new budget policy that will guide the allocation of resources within the Organization starting in 2014. Once finalized, the new policy will be presented for approval by all PAHO Member States during the Pan American Sanitary Conference in September 2012.

PAHO’s current budget policy has been in effect since 2006 and was extended through 2013 to allow time for the Consultative Working Group to produce a new policy, which is expected to respond to the needs and changing environment for technical cooperation in the countries of the Americas.

The mandate of the Consultative Working Group, appointed by PAHO’s Executive Committee in September 2011, is to analyze the current budget policy, including its conceptual design and intended objectives, and also to review trends in the budget policies of other intergovernmental agencies, globally and regionally, in order to identify relevant good practices. All PAHO Member States will have the opportunity to react to the group’s work and to offer input before a final document is prepared.



The development of the new PAHO budget policy coincides with the implementation of financial and management reforms at the World Health Organization (WHO), and with the development of the new PAHO Strategic Plan for 2014-2020.

The Consultative Working Group is made up of representatives of Brazil, Chile, Granada, Peru, the United States and Venezuela. This week’s meeting is the group’s first. The results of the group’s deliberations will be presented to the Subcommittee on Program, Budget and Administration in March. The working group will meet again in late April and initiate a consultative process with PAHO Member States. The resulting proposed policy will then be presented to the PAHO Executive Committee during its June 2012 meeting, and eventually to the Pan American Sanitary Conference in September.

For more information visit the 149th Session of the Executive Committee link.

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