Washington, DC, USA - 28 - 30 November 2016

The 46th Session of the Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR) took place at the Headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), 525 Twenty-third Street, Washington DC, United States of America, 28 - 30 November 2016. During the 46th Session, the ACHR issued recommendations to implement and monitor PAHO's Policy on Research for Health (CD49/10, the Policy), and developed approaches to channel research efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Policy applies to Member States and PASB.



PAHO Director Carissa F. Etienne welcome remarks (mp3)

ACHR President Nelly Salgado opening remarks (mp3)

Policy on Research for Health Interviews

Updates by the Secretariat


Leveling research capacities to enable all Member States to move forward with the Policy

The importance of building capacities through existing collaborating centers and networks to engage countries and maximize resources.

Objective 1 - Quality

Discussions to promote the funding of priority research linking the need for SDG related research

Objective 2 - Governance

Objective 3 - Human Resources

Build sustainable human capital and strengthen research networks as integral components of the health work force

Objective 4 - Partnerships

Engage different research consumers and communities to catalyze development

  • Dr. Jaime Miranda/Dr. Josefina Coloma (this presentation is forthcoming and will be uploaded soon)
Program proposal to address inequities in public health and health services research through alliances and networks

Research team: an enactment to highlight the importance of developing and supporting research teams versus principal investigators (mp3)

(This link is forthcoming and will be uploaded shortly. Thank you for your patience

Objective 5 - Standards

Increase the value of research and reduce its waste

Collaborations on Standards

Uptake of research reporting standards (EQUATOR) and building a cadre of epidemiologist to support public health in the Caribbean and Central America

Collaboration with BMJ

Series on the Policy on Research for Health

Trial Registration

Characteristics of research submitted to PAHO's Ethics Review Committee

Objective 6 - Impact

Discuss the way forward with knowledge translation platforms and existing tools

Research and the SDGs Challenge

Discussing the need for a regional research agenda addressing the SDG challenge

Integrating the Policy on Research for Health

Discussion with PAHO staff on the incorporation of the Policy on Research for Health in PAJPH, other Publications, news, and media


Inter-programmatic discussion to integrate and implement the Policy on Research for Health

Coordinate team efforts and integrate existing tools between technical areas in order to implement the Policy on Research for Health


Fishbowl: Managers from technical areas showcased how their teams tap into research and advance the Policy on Research for Health by delivering 5-7 min presentations that were followed by comments and questions from participants who joined the fish bowl activity.

Fishbowl Presentations
Fishbowl video interviews: Dr. Francisco Becerra (The link to this video interview is forthcoming and will be uploaded shortly

icon Summary  (163.72 kB)   icon Report (1.03 MB)

Hamilton, ON, Canada, 17 - 19 October 2012

Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

The ACHR is part of the system of advisory committees of the World Health Organization (WHO). Established in 1962, the ACHR guides the PAHO Director in health research policy and programs, and contributes significantly towards the formulation of research for health policies and strategies within PAHO and towards strategic planning for technical cooperation in research for health.



  • Public talk. Speaker: Mirta Roses Periago (PAHO Director)
  • Opening session (McMaster Health Forum DialogueSpace)
  • Welcoming remarks by the health and research authorities of Canada
  • Remarks from the President of the Regional Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR) John Lavis (ACHR Chair) 
  • Remarks from the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (Regional Office of the Americas of WHO) and introduction of the newly elected Director. Mirta Roses Periago 
  • Progress report and brief on plans of action (McMaster Health Forum DialogueSpace). Secretary ACHR, Luis Cuervo, Senior Advisor, Research Promotion and Development; Health Systems based on Primary Health Care (HSS)  

icon Presentation (3.5 MB) 

  • Strengthening health systems through health systems research. Rubén Torres, Area Manager (ad interim), Area of Health Systems based on Primary Health Care (HSS)

icon Presentation   (5.12 MB)

  • Quality: Promote the generation of relevant, ethical and high-quality research for health. Facilitator: Zulma Ortiz

icon Presentation (678.93 kB) icon Summary (271.21 kB)   

  • Governance: Strengthen research governance and promote the definition of research agendas. Facilitator: Jackeline Alger

icon Presentation (637.56 kB)    icon Summary  (404.36 kB)

  • Human resources: Improve competencies of and support for human resources involved in research for health. Facilitator: Jaime Miranda

icon Summary (237.13 kB) 

  • Partnerships: Seek efficiencies and enhanced impact and appropriation of research through effective and strategic alliances, collaboration and the building of public trust, and engagement in research Facilitator: Silvina Ramos

icon Presentation  (140.83 kB)  icon Summary (222.48 kB)

  • Standards: Foster best practices and enhanced standards for research. Facilitator: Trudo Lemmens

icon Presentation  (9.49 MB)   icon Summary  (128.04 kB)

  • Impact: Promote the dissemination and utilization of research findings. Facilitator: Tomás Pantoja

icon Presentation  (4.01 MB)   icon Summary (163.72 kB)  icon 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. EVIPnet    icon  Evaluation of the EVIPNet Americas 2012

  • Open discussion about how to ensure that the new focus on innovation at PAHO/WHO is synergistic with the existing focus on research

Open discussion about how to capitalize on upcoming events

World Health Report 2012

GWEG Financing and Research

Second Symposium on Health Systems Research

Reactions from the newly elected Director 

icon Report. 45th Advisory Committee on Health Research of the Pan American Health Organization (ACHR) (1.03 MB)

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  •  CSP28/INF/2 — Informe del Comité Asesor de Investigaciones en Salud de la OPS/OMS. Washington, D.C., EUA, del 17 al 21 de septiembre del 2012.
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  7. Reunión de la red inter-regional de centros de referencia para capacitación en cursos de planeación y evaluación efectivas de proyectos de investigación para la salud, Cali, Colombia, abril 2010
  8. Mejora de la calidad de los informes de los ensayos aleatorizados: colaboración entre autores, revisores y editores
  9. Nueva alianza enre la Organización Panamericana de la Salud y la Red EQUATOR para mejorar la escritura y publicación de estudios de investigación de salud
  10. Redes de Relacionamiento Estratégico de la OPS/OMS: conceptos y lecciones aprendidas (only in Spanish) 
  11. Poster final Arte para la investigación, Barcelona, España
  12. World Health Report 2012: Research for Health (solo en inglés)

    Fotografía de los participantes en la 44a Reunión


Establecido en 1962, el CAIS guía a la Directora de la OPS en materia de políticas sobre investigaciones sanitarias y programas, y brinda una asistencia considerable en la formulación de políticas y estrategias de la investigación para la salud dentro de la OPS, así como y en la planificación estratégica para la cooperación técnica en este campo.

Documentos del Comité Asesor de Investigaciones en Salud desde 1997 al 2008.