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Deliberative Dialogue on Chronic Diseases

The EVIPNet team organized and completed its second deliberative dialogue that was coordinated by the Minister, Dr. Esperanza Martínez. Managers and decision makers in the areas of primary health care and chronic diseases, as well as regional health directors and investigators were convened. The base document used to deliberate was the “policy brief” (summary and compendium of policies) “The role of Primary Health Care in the integrated approach for the management of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases” and the technical personnel of the ministry presented the options of policy up for deliberation. From PAHO, Dr. Enrique Vázquez participated on behalf of  the PAHO Representative and Dr. Antonieta Rojas de Arias, research focal point and EVIPnet Américas counterpart, providing technical support for the realization of the Dialogue. You can listen to the Minister in this video (in Spanish only). 

What's New

  • Report: Evaluation of the Evidence Informed Policy Networks (EVIPNet). August 2010 -July 2012

    EVIPNet Americas consists of national multidisciplinary teams, with different structures, and different knowledge translation processes, either because of the political subjects they approach or the time devoted to addressing said problems. Some teams work independently while others still need to grow stronger. Taking into account that the overall objective of EVIPNet is to bridge the gap between the use of research in the decision making process regarding programs, policies and laws and that it has been launched in the Americas in 2007, its impact and some results should already be available for their review. From August 2010 to June 2012, eight (8) EVIPNet workshops were developed, and they involved 16 countries and 277 subjects; and eight (8) evidence informed briefs for policies were finished. Other 16 are being developed. icon Report in English

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