Latin American Conferences on Research and Innovation for Health


Final Report: 2nd Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health. Panama, 23 - 25, November 2011
By Council on Health Research for Development.  Based on a work at
ISBN 978-92-9226-053-8.

The  meeting  took  place  in  Panama City,  Panama,  from  the  23rd to the 25th of November 2011 and it brought together approximately 100 professionals from institutions and strategic programmes on research for health, science and technology. It was attended by representatives from agencies, institutions and  international cooperation organs, networks and regional, national and global research organisations, including some non- governmental organisations.

The central focus of the conference was devoted to deepening the concept of innovation for health, whilst linking it to the generation of new solutions to health problems, including not only tangible products, but also public goods, work processes, organisational behavior and the behaviour of people that are associated with health services. Innovation creates new products, new results and new services, and it is the simple and low-cost solutions to problems that can be of the most value to society.

The conference produced a total of 15 presentations and 12 reports summarised in three presentations and two reports of satellite sessions from two regional networks. They all convey the general conditions existing in low and middle-income countries in the region, and they also highlight the initiatives that are being generated for innovation and for research for health. They emphasise the achievements in the and in institutionalisation of research for health, the incorporation of different players in prioritising research needs and in creating public financial funding to support these activities. These reports also describe the difficulties that are still faced by local research systems to meet research needs and the training of young researchers to generate stimuli for innovation and for research for health. They also draw attention to the still emerging recognition that society gives the activities of the researcher. 

Follow up Meeting to the 1st Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health: Cuba 2009
By Executive Committee, Follow up to the 1st Latin-American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health, 2009.
Organizing Institutions:
Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED)
Global Forum for Health Research (Global Forum)
Ministry of Health of Cuba
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
ISBN 978-92-75-13103-9


The report will help those in the region that are interested in the development of National Health Research Systems (NHRS)  to understand the  opinions of different actors about recommendations for the design, development and/or strengthening of NHRS reflected by the contributions of diverse participants, including researchers and academics, senior officials from the Ministries of Health and representatives of foundations and international organizations. Moreover, it provides updates on recent developments since the conference in Río de Janeiro and summarizes presentations held during the meeting with participant discussions on 4 topics selected in a survey administered to participants prior to the meeting:  Strengthening of NHRS in the Region, Human Resources for Health Research, Financing for Health Research, and Knowledge Transfer and Translation.


Report of the first Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2008
ISBN 978-92-75-13254-8


This report of the first Latin American Conference on Research and Innovation for Health has been prepared under the direction of the Conference Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of the Ministry of Health of Brazil (Department of Science and Technology), the Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED), the Global Forum for Health Research, INSalud Mexico, the NicaSalud Network Federation, and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO). The meeting took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from April 15 to 18, 2008.