Regional Program on Bioethics

The Regional Program on Bioethics cooperates with Member States in the development of bioethics. In this regard, we build capacity in bioethics in the region and support PAHO and Member States in the integration of bioethics in all health-related activities. For background information about the Program, visit Bioethics (Concept paper, 2012)

The Program's lines of work are research ethics and public health ethics. We work to strengthen research ethics to ensure that all research with human subjects is ethical and to systematically integrate ethics in all public health work and decision-making processes that affect the health of populations. For more information about bioethics advances in the region and challenges that remain, visit Bioethics: Towards the Integration of Ethics in Health: Final Report (2018) 

The Regional Bioethics Program also houses the PAHO Ethics Review Committee (PAHOERC). PAHOERC reviews all research with human subjects in which PAHO is involved.