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Human Rights & Health

The Right of Young People to Health and Gender Identities

The present document is based on PAHO’s technical cooperation carried out in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Guatemala pursuant to the Regional Strategy for Improving Adolescents and Youth Health and the Plan of Action on Adolescents and Youth Health. Its purpose was to protect and promote the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standards of health (“right to health”) and other related human rights and fundamental freedoms of young people and women and men in situation of vulnerability (including people living with HIV; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons, designated collectively under the acronym LGBTI persons).

Link to publication: The Right of Young People to Health and Gender Identities. Trends and Targets for Public Health Action 

Brochure: The Right of Young People to Health and Gender Identities - Brochure

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Countries to Promote Access to Health Care as a Human Right

Session of PAHO's 50th Directing CouncilHealth leaders from throughout the Americas agreed today to work to improve access to health for vulnerable groups by promoting and monitoring compliance with international human rights treaties and standards.

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New PAHO tool on Human Rights

icon Findings, Trends, and Targets for Public Health Action: A Human Rights Law based Approach

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The Links between Heath and Human Rights

The first relationship involves the positive and negative impacts of health policies, laws, programs, and practices on human rights.  The challenge is to negotiate the optimal balance between promoting and protecting public health and promoting and protecting human rights.  In order to accomplish this aim, it would be necessary that Governments adequate their national health policies, laws, programs and practices to national and international human rights instruments. 

The second relationship expresses that violations or lack of fulfillment of any and all human rights have negative effects on physical, mental, and social well-being.  This is true in peacetime and in times of conflict and extreme political repression

The third relationship, is the unavoidable connection between health and human rights.  The central idea of the health and human rights approach is that health and human rights act in synergy.  Promoting and protecting health requires explicit and concrete efforts to promote and protect human rights and dignity.  In addition, greater fulfillment of human rights requires sound attention to health and to its societal determinants.  In other words, the enjoyment of health is necessary for exercising human rights; and at the same time, exercising human rights positively contributes to the enjoyment of health.  For example, the enjoyment of physical and mental health is essential for exercising the right to work; and at the same time, exercising the right to work contributes positively to the enjoyment of physical and mental health.   

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