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TAG GEH 2011 minutes TAG GEH 2011 minutes

Technical Advisory Group on GEH minutes

TAG GEH 2011 Marijke Velzeboer presentation TAG GEH 2011 Marijke Velzeboer presentation

Presentation by GDR Coordinator, Marijke Velzeboer-Salcedo

2011-TAG-participants-list-updated 2011-TAG-participants-list-updated

Participants in the Third Advisory Group Meeting

Unpaid Health Care Work: An Indicator of Equity Unpaid Health Care Work: An Indicator of Equity

Unpaid Health Care: An Indicator of Equity

March 21, 2012

Pat Armstrong, PhD, DRP, FRSC

York University, Toronto, Canada

Unpaid health care is a gender issue, an equity issue and a human rights issue. It is a gender issue because women and girls throughout the world do the overwhelming majority of unpaid health care. It’s an equity issue not only because women do much more of this labour and more of the labour that is most demanding and daily. It is also an equity issue because women with the fewest economic resources are the most likely to do the heaviest work and because those who need care experience inequities in the amount and quality of care they receive as a result.


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