To improve the performance of health systems, it is essential to strengthen the organization and management capacity of institutions and health services networks.

This section will provide information on health services organization and management; as well as on tools and methodologies employed as part of the technical cooperation provided to countries within the framework of the initiative on strengthening health systems based on Primary Health Care (PHC).


The Productive Management Methodology for Health Services (PMMHS) is a management methodology developed by the Pan American Health Organization as a response to new approaches and emerging practices in the management of health services that aims to optimize the organization and management of health services as they transition to Primary Health Care-based health systems.

La potencialidad del MGPSS para aumentar la eficiencia en el marco del acceso universal a la salud y la cobertura universal de salud

Washington, D.C. Noviembre del 2014. Aproximadamente 24 expertos y profesionales de la salud fueron convocados por la Organización Panamericana de la Salud / Organización Mundial de la Salud (OPS/OMS) para participar en el Taller de Análisis de la  Metodología de Gestión Productiva de los Servicios de Salud  (MGPSS) en Panamá del 12 al 14 de noviembre. Los  participantes procedieron de instituciones de salud de Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador y Panamá, así como de la OPS/OMS.

Washington, D.C.: 2010. 43 p. 

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As a contribution to the task of building and strengthening managerial capacity in health systems and services, improving the use of information and evidence for decision-making and action, PAHO provides the Productive Management Methodology for Health Services (PMMHS) and its support tools as an option for health services managers. The PMMHS is presented as an alternative that provides information for analyzing the relevance, efficiency and quality of healthcare provision, negotiation of management agreements (contracts) and costing and financing of health care services. [Please click  pdf here  for the document]