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Organization and key components

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 The Platform will be developed by integrating four key components: 

  • Social Networks: We propose to develop the platform collaboratively, based on participation and cooperation of all concerned parties; thus, the social network component is an essential element of this project. Elements of social networking include communities of practice, expert locator, blogs, participative knowledge dev., etc.


  • Data Hub: The Platform will have a database that helps monitor regional performance in the areas of access, innovation and rational use of essential medicines. Moreover, it will collect data on pharmaceutical and health technology policies in the Americas. Data Hub elements include R&D&I Indicators/descriptors, price banks, etc.


  • Skills Development: Capacity building should be at the center of any technical cooperation strategy and public health promotion scheme; Capacity plays an even greater role in area of major complexity, such as innovation for health. The Platform will pay particular attention to skills development by promoting on-site and virtual learning opportunities that can strengthen any of the Platform’s key areas. Elements of Skills Development include a virtual campus for public health, on-site conferences, etc.
  • Knowledge Repository & Transfer: KR&T component is expected to work as the foundation for developing the Platform, since it will attract high user participation and jumpstart the cooperative model proposed previously.



Innovation Forum: The Platform will host an Innovation Forum that will channel users’ “problems” and solutions” under an open innovation model.



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