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From 10-14 September 2012, a meeting was held in the city of Bogota, Colombia. The objectives of the yellow fever meeting were to provide an update on the prevention and control of the disease, diagnosis methods,research and management of adverse events, as well as crisis management and risk communication. Participants also reviewed the epidemiological situation of yellow fever in the Americas, outbreaks in selected countries, and vaccination plans for yellow fever. 

The meeting was attended by 50 representatives from 12 of the 13 countries considered at risk for this disease in the Region. Also in attendance were global experts on yellow fever such as Dr Thomas Monath of the United States, Dr Pedro Vasconcelos of Brazil, Dr Hernando Groot and Dr. Jorge Boshell of Colombia. These experts were part of a scientific panel conducted to discuss the latest advances in diagnosis, prevention and control of yellow fever, as well as the development of new vaccines. 
During the week, work groups were organized to review different case studies on Events Supposedly Attributable to Vaccination or Immunization (ESAVI) that occurred in the Region. The event also offered participants tools to work with different forms of communication in managing crisis caused by ESAVIs. Likewise, vaccination plans for yellow fever in the Region were reviewed, identifying gaps in vaccination and prioritizing vaccination in high risk areas. 
All materials revised during this workshop will be posted on the web.

Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, September 2012. 

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