Influenza Vaccine

The main purpose of seasonal influenza vaccination is to avoid severe disease from infection with the influenza virus. Currently, 39 countries and territories in the Americas offer influenza vaccination to nationally-defined high-risk groups.



PAHO's  Technical Advisory Group on Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (TAG) recommended that all countries should establish a seasonal influenza vaccination policy that seeks to vaccinate:

  • children 6-23 months of age,
  • pregnant women,
  • individuals with chronic illness,
  • older adults,
  • and health workers.​

PAHO’s technical cooperation aims to:

  • Support generation of disease and economic burden estimates and leveraging REVELAC-i vaccine effectiveness and impact studies to inform decisions;
  • In collaboration with the PAHO Revolving Fund facilitate rapid access and distribution of seasonal influenza and pandemic vaccines;
  • Build vaccine awareness and confidence to increase influenza vaccine uptake in high-risk groups;
  • Ensure continuous learning through documentation and sharing of lessons learned and best practices.