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Bolivia, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua received awards for their immunization achievements during the GAVI Alliance Partners’ Forum, held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 5-7 December 2012.

Honduras and Nicaragua won GAVI’s Best Immunization Performance Award for achieving "very high" and "high" vaccination coverage rates, respectively. Honduras also received the Introduction of New Vaccines Award. Haiti won GAVI’s Resilience Award. Bolivia was awarded GAVI’s Co-financing & Sustainability Award, which recognizes countries that have exceeded GAVI’s requirements for vaccine co-financing.

The GAVI Alliance awards recognize countries and individuals who have helped expand access to immuniza-tion in developing countries. In all, 12 countries were recognized this year, along with government leaders, parliamentarians and civil society groups.

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Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, January, 2013.



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