Uruguay´s Nursing Policy Dialogue 2021

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Uruguay´s Nursing Policy Dialogue 2021 was promoted by PAHO/WHO in Uruguay and consisted of various meetings, which resulted in recommendations to improve working conditions and strengthen the care role of Nursing.


  • Introduction 
  • Project Stages 
  • Work Plan for Uruguay's nursing policy dialogue 2021: 
  • Developed activities and results 
  • NDP Launch
  • First Dialogue Space (webinar 1) 
  • Second Dialogue Space (webinar 2) 
  • Presentation before the National Nursing Commission (CONAE) for midterm review and the following activities-planning discussion 
  • NDP presentation before WHO’s TFNM 
  • Third dialogue space (webinar 3) 
  • Healthcare providers decision-maker´s survey 
  • Fourth dialogue space (governmental and political level) 
  • Creation of the NDP 2021 space on the PAHO Virtual Campus 
  • Challenges and proposals arising from the NDP 
  • Main achievements and agreements in the NDP process. 
  • Conclusions