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Tobacco Industry Documents

As the vector for tobacco-caused disease, the tobacco industry is the single biggest obstacle to tobacco control. Just as malaria control strategies must address mosquitoes, understanding the motivations and behavior of tobacco companies is an essential component of successful tobacco control.

Fortunately for the public health community, the tobacco industry is predictable. Its activities are directed from head offices in wealthy countries and its strategies vary surprisingly little from country to country. Much can be learned by sharing information about the industry between countries and regions.

In addition, litigation in the United States and elsewhere has uncovered a treasure trove of formerly-secret internal tobacco company documents that show the contrast between public comments and private discussions. Millions of these documents are available on searchable on-online databases, and many reports have been written focusing on specific topics and geographic regions.

Other critical sources of information about tobacco companies are their websites and annual reports to shareholders. Because deceiving company shareholders carries potentially significant penalties, companies are often far more candid in their annual reports than elsewhere.

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CARMEN: A Network for Integrated Prevention and Control of Chronic Noncommunicable Disease in the Americas

The CARMEN Pan American Network was developed because there was an increasing awareness among PAHO member countries that chronic noncommunicable diseases (CNCDs) account for nearly two-thirds of the total number of deaths in the Americas, and that, to a large extent, these diseases are dependent on risk factors and lifestyles that are amenable to modification. This page tells about the CARMEN network and how it contributes to NCD prevention and control throughout the Americas, with a multitude of links to its products, partners, and various activities (CARMEN Policy Observatory, CARMEN School, Pan American Cardiovascular Initiative, Central American Diabetes Initiative, etc.). More »

Packaging and Labeling of Tobacco Products

This collection of information is intended to provide technical guidance to PAHO Member States to implement the packaging and labeling requirements of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). More » 

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