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Representatives from Brazil, Chile, the city of Bogotá-Colombia, Honduras and Uruguay presented their experi-ence developing and using their computerized immunization registries at the first national meeting of the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) in St Paul, Minnesota on 19-20 September 2012. Also, a representative from the Immunization Programme of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was invited to present an overview of the status of implementation of national immunization registries in Latin America.

Under the theme "Immunization Information Systems: connect, exchange, advance", the AIRA meeting brought together over 250 members of the Immunization Information Systems (IIS) community from 44 states and six ter-ritories of the United States, as well as representatives from eight countries, and many partner organizations. The objectives of the meeting were to provide a venue for the IIS community to connect with peers and partners, ex-change ideas on topics like data quality vaccine accountability, project management, and new IIS functionalities, and advance the collective best practices on IIS.

Several countries of the Americas are using, implementing or developing computerized national immunization reg-istries. PAHO is providing support to Member States on immunization registries, in efforts to improve data quality, following the recommendation given by its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Vaccine-preventable Diseases. These recommendations call for PAHO to continue documenting and facilitating the exchange of experiences on the development and implementation of computerized immunization registries, while working in coordination with other sectors and initiatives related to e-government, information and communication technologies, birth registra-tion, among others.

Published in Global Immunization Newsletter, September 2012.


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