PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centres 


“A Collaborating Centre at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supports PAHO in the transfer of capacities to Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay on using the Multiplex Bead Assay Platform for the strengthening of the serologic surveillance of several communicable diseases, including trachoma”

“A Collaborating Centre at the University of Kansas, United States, worked with PAHO in designing, developing, and implementing a Healthy Cities Action Toolkit which aims to enhance the reach and impact of capacity-building resources in the Americas.”

“A Collaborating Centre at the National Reference Center for Malaria in French Guiana and French West Indies provides services to characterize malaria resistance across countries in the Guiana Shield and Amazonian region and provides services to evaluate performances of malaria diagnosis methods.”

“As a result of the collaboration with the Collaborating Centre at Fundação Pro-Sangue-Hemocentro de São Paulo, Brazil, there has been an improvement of blood bank processes and diagnostics in different countries within the Region.”

“A Collaborating Centre at the Prefeitura de São Paulo, Brazil, collaborated with PAHO and specialists from Argentina to develop a guideline for the surveillance of rodent control and population which resulted in the improvement of rodent surveillance and control.”

WHO Collaborating Centres are institutions such as universities, hospitals, research institutes,
academies or ministries which have been designated to carry out activities in support of the Organization’s programs.

There are now over 800 Collaborating Centres globally working with WHO on areas such as nursing, occupational health, communicable diseases, chronic diseases, emergency response and eHealth, among others.

All WHO Collaborating Centres located in the Region of the Americas are known as Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization Collaborating Centres (PAHO/WHO CCs) since PAHO serves as a WHO Regional Office.

Collaborating Centres by Member State in the Americas

The Region of the Americas is home to over 180 active WHO Collaborating Centres, which are referred to as PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centres (PAHO/WHO CCs) located in several countries of the Region.

Collaborating Centres by PAHO Outcomes

The activities of each PAHO/WHO CC are aligned with the outcomes of the respective WHO and PAHO Program & Budget.

Collaborating Centre Networks

PAHO/WHO CCs are encouraged to form working relationships with other Centres and national institutions recognized by WHO through the formation of collaboration networks or incorporation into existing ones.

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series highlights the deliverables of PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centres and how their activities contribute to the achievement of the Organization’s priorities and mandates.


Collaborating Centres and COVID-19 Initiatives

Jul 27, 2020  As of today, the Collaborating Centres in the Region have been supporting the Organization with COVID-19 related initiatives on several topics. Laboratory Biosafety and Quality As a joint effort, the WHO Collaborating Centre (CC) on Laboratory...

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COVID-19 Activities and Institutions across the Region

Jul 22, 2020Here are activities that partner institutions are carrying out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic : Evidence Informed Policy In Canada, McMaster University is conducting the following activities: Co-led the COVID-19 Evidence Network to support...

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The following PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centres were redesignated for a new period: