Rapport de situation de l’OPS n° 3. Situation humanitaire en Haïti. 15 mars 2024 (en anglais)

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  • The security situation in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area continues to worsen despite the Prime Minister's resignation with the geographical extension of gang-controlled areas. 
  • The international airport remains closed, making impossible to import essential goods, including medicines. 
  • Most embassies evacuated their non-essential staff this week as a precautionary measure. 
  • UN agencies, including PAHO/WHO, will begin evacuations of non-essential staff probably this weekend.
  • The National port in Port-au-Prince is now operational; however, it remains challenging to access it, as the surrounding areas are under gang control. 
  • The Haitian government has extended the emergency declaration for one month and the ongoing curfew until 18 March. All demonstrations during this period are also forbidden