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September 2010 -  Country Plans

Countries of the region must be congratulated on maintaining and institutionalizing the activities for Caribbean Wellness Day Celebrations. Many countries are advisedly using the day as a catalyst for sustained physical activity in their countries — Dr. Alafia Samuels CARICOM CWD Coordinator.

Wednesday 8th September, 2010   - Open day at the Gyms on the Island.
Thursday 9th September, 2010  - National Fruit Day - supermarkets and vendors are asked to give a 10% discount on fruits for that day. Additionally all schools, companies and the general population are encouraged to have a fruit for snack on that day.
Friday 10th September, 2010   - Health Fair 10 am -2 pm opposite the Public Library
Saturday 11th September, 2010  - Walk from The Ronald Webster's Park to Shoal Bay and back Starting at 5:30 am. Followed by tone-down exercises

Antigua & Barbuda

Project Footsteps launched on Caribbean Nutrition Day (CND) June 1st until September 1st and announce winners on CWD. This is a competition to record steps over 3 months

September 10  The MoH will have a stall at the MBS (Medical Benefits Scheme) Village including NCD prevention education material. The Village will bring together all partners in the fight aginst Diabetes and is an initiative of the MBS.
Dr. C. Goddard (endocrinologist) will be there also thanks to the MBS and its corporate sponsors.
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