Let's unite to celebrate World Hepatitis Day 2023

Let's unite to celebrate World Hepatitis Day 2023
World Hepatitis Day 2023

Scale up Access to Diagnosis and Treatment to Save Lives


The World Hepatitis Day, observed every 28th of July, serves as a moment of reflection on the progress and achievements in our fight against viral hepatitis. It is also an opportunity to address the gaps and needs in our efforts to eliminate these diseases as a public health concern. The Region of the Americas is actively responding to this call, with an increasing number of countries embracing and implementing the Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis and setting national plans and goals. Nevertheless, we need to scale up our efforts and increase access to viral hepatitis B and C diagnosis and treatment to achieve the elimination targets.

Our regional effort to eliminate viral hepatitis is strategically positioned within the framework of the PAHO Elimination Initiative. This initiative presents a significant opportunity for governments, communities, and stakeholders to join forces and eliminate over 30 communicable diseases and related conditions in the Americas by 2030.

The event also aims to showcase the support from key stakeholder on the effort to eliminate the viral hepatitis, as well, as to share good practices and experiences from PAHO Member States.

Let's unite to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.

Time and Date

July 27th, 2023
11:00am (Washington, DC. Eastern Time)

Meeting Recording

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15 min.     Welcome remarks
•     Dr. Ruben Mayorga-Sagastume, PAHO/WHO.
•     Dr. Carlos Benites, MoH Peru, Executive Secretary GCTH.
•     Dr. Patricia Vélez Möller, World Hepatitis Alliance.

Video Message: Dr Jarbas Barbosa, PAHO Director.

10 min.    Viral Hepatitis in the Spotlight: Estimated burden of hepatitis B and C in the Region of the Americas
Devin Razavi, Center for Diseases Analysis Foundation.

10 min.    Scaling up access to viral hepatitis diagnosis and treatment: The PAHO Strategic Fund as an instrument to support countries.
Christopher Lim, Strategic Fund for Public Health Access, PAHO/WHO.

Updates from National Hepatitis Programs

7 min.      MEXICO: 
Dr. Alethse de la Torre Rosas, National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS (CENSIDA), Secretariat of Health, Mexico.

7 min.     BRAZIL:
Dr. Mario Peribañez Gonzalez, Coordinator of the National Hepatitis Program, (DATHI/SVSA), Ministry of Health, Brazil.

7 min.     CHILE:
Dr. Andrea Peña Otárola, National Hepatitis B and C Program, Ministry of Health, Chile.

15 min.    Uniting for a Hepatitis-Free Agenda: Stakeholders collaboration for Viral Hepatitis Elimination - Panel Discussion.

•    Dr. John Ward, Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination
•    Maria Eugenia de Feo Moyano, Fundación HCV Sin Fronteras – HepaRED LAC
•    Dr. Sergio Sosa Estani. Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative DNDi.

Closing Remarks
•     Dr. Ruben Mayorga-Sagastume, PAHO/WHO.
•     Dr. Carlos Benites, MoH Peru, Executive Secretary GCTH.

Time Correspondence

  • 8:00 am.– Los Angeles, Vancouver.
  • 9:00 am. – Belmopan, Guatemala City, Managua, Mexico City, San Jose, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa.
  • 10:00 am. – Bogota, Panamá City, Kingston, Lima, Quito, Cayman Islands.
  • 11:00 am. – Asunción, Bridgetown, Caracas, Castries, Georgetown, Havana, La Paz, Nassau, Ottawa, Port-au-Prince, Port of Spain, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Santiago, Santo Domingo, Washington DC.
  • 12:00 pm – Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Montevideo, Paramaribo.
  • 5:00 pm. – Geneva, Madrid.

For other cities, check the local time.

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