Innovation, Access to Medicines and Health Technologies

IMT is responsible for promoting, coordinating, and implementing the Organization’s technical cooperation in access and rational use of quality medicines and other health technologies. IMT works across all categories of medicines and health technologies, including medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, medical equipment, blood products and organs for transplantation. It supports countries in addressing barriers to access, addressing challenges across the medical product’s full life cycle, strengthening regulatory capacity and supporting evidence-based decision making and rational use through health technology assessment.

IMT consolidates action in the development of pharmaceutical and other health technology related services and leads efforts in innovation through the regional platform to advance the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines and other health technologies, increasing regional capacity in the research and development of priority health products, and supporting the generation of ecosystems to enable development, production and access to medicines and other health technologies.

IMT is comprised of the following units and Special Program:

  • Access to Medicines and Health Technologies (IMT/AH)
  • Quality and Regulation of Medicines and Health Technologies (IMT/QR)
  • Special Program, Innovation and Regional Production Platform (RP)