Health Systems and Services

About us

The Health Systems and Services Department develops technical cooperation projects promoting progressive advances toward universal access to health and universal health coverage (universal health). These projects require building and maintaining strong and resilient health systems; focusing on health governance and financing, health policies, strategies, and plans as well as people-centered, integrated, quality health services; improved access to and rational use of safe, effective, and quality medicines, medical products, and health technologies; strengthening regulation capacity; and an adequate availability of competent human resources for health, and a culturally appropriate, well regulated, well distributed, and fairly treated health workforce.

In 2021, PAHO will work with partners to help countries strengthen health systems so they can not only respond to COVID-19 but also ensure the delivery of essential health services and support vaccine deployment. Three important initiatives will underpin this work: the implementation and roll-out of the Renewed Essential Public Health Functions in the Americas to strengthen public health action, address health system weaknesses and eliminate barriers to access health; increasing capacities for the production of essential medicines and health technologies, in particular for health emergencies; and building resilience in health systems to support the achievement of Universal Health in the Americas, in the face of continuous and emerging health threats. To advance this work, PAHO will celebrate the Year of the Health and Care Worker 2021, supporting the global campaign to strengthen the future health and social care workforce.