Human Genomics for Health

Human Genomics for Health

"Human Genomics for Health: Enhancing the Impact of Effective Research"

15-16 May, 2024

Brasilia, Brazil

Genomics is a rapidly evolving field offering innovative approaches to achieve public health goals. The World Health Organization (WHO) is implementing a program of activities to promote equitable and fair access to genomics technologies for the benefit of people worldwide, as described in the publication,  Accelerating access to genomics for global health: promotion, implementation, collaboration, and ethical, legal, and social issues: a report of the WHO Science Council (2022).

As a first step to support accelerating access to genomic knowledge and technologies for Global Health, the PAHO will conduct a first meeting in the Americas. The regional meeting will provide the opportunity to reach a mutual understanding and set the agenda for enhancing the impact of effective research for genomics applications in the Americas.

PAHO's Science and Knowledge for Impact Unit (SK/EIH), with the support of WHO, the PAHO office in Brazil, and the Brazilian Ministry of Health, is organizing this meeting. It will convene representatives from PAHO Member States and regional experts and researchers working in the precision medicine ecosystem. 

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