Natural Hazards Monitoring - 17 August, 2021

 Severe Weather  
On 16 August, the Guatemala National Coordination System for Disaster Reduction (CONRED, per its acronym in Spanish) reported heavy rains between 13-15 August that affected 2,354 people in the Southern and Center regions of the country. On 13 August, a flood was reported in Carago Violetas del Jobo village in the department of Santa Rosa that caused damages to 7 homes and necessitated the evacuation of 36 people. On the same day, road damage caused by severe weather affected a major road that ran from San Pablo to Malacatán, San Marcos, which impacted approximately 2,000 people. On 15 August, the Xojojá River in Canton La Otra Banda, Suchitepéquez Department, overflowed which caused the evacuation of 80 people and damaged 19 homes. In Mazatenango, Suchitepéquez, the Yaquija River overflowed which damaged 8 homes and required the evacuation of 38 people in the surrounding communities. The report is available at: CONRED.  
Tropical Storm Grace  
Dominican Republic (Update) 
On 17 August, the Dominican Republic Emergency Operations Center (COE, per its acronym in Spanish) reported that 26 provinces remain on yellow and green alert due to possible flooding of rivers, streams, and ravines, as well as flash or urban floods, due to indirect effects of the passage of Tropical Storm Grace. Media reported that due to Tropical Storm Grace, a total of 1,375 people were evacuated, 1,065 of which were in Azua Municipality. In the National District, the Cañada la Puya River overflowed, affecting 83 homes. In Santo Domingo, the Guajimia Gorge overflowed which partially destroyed 2 homes and flooded 10. Heavy rains in Café de Herrera and Pantoja caused flooding in 25 homes, displacing 150 people, and caused 12 homes to flood due to the overflow of the Lebrón River, respectively. Due to Tropical Depression Fred and Tropical Storm Grace, 61 aqueducts remain out of service, affecting 799,660 residents. Additionally, there remain 17 affected electrical circuits, which have caused 70,678 people to go without electricity. The reports are available at: COE and El Nuevo Diario.  
United States of America  
On 17 August, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported the Ford Corkscrew Fire, which is currently occurring around the communities of Ford, Springdale, Loon Lake, and Clayton in Washington state with a combined population of 2,500. In total, 5,000 acres have burned, 0% of the fire is contained, and 400 homes are threatened. In terms of damage, 27 structures have been destroyed, at least 7 of which were primary residences. There are mandatory evacuation orders in place for 800 residents and there are currently 2 shelters open. In California, the Monument Fire currently burning in Trinity County has burned 103,883 acres and is currently 10% contained. There are 5,053 homes (85% are primary residences, 15% are secondary residences), 400 commercial structures, and 40,000 acres of commercial timber land currently threatened by the wildfire. Mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for 5,524 people. In Plumas, California, the Dixie Fire has grown to 578,897 acres and is currently 31% contained. There are now mandatory evacuation orders for 29,764 people, and there are currently 15,967 homes that are damaged. In total, there have been 50 homes that have been damaged and 643 homes that have been destroyed. The report is available at: FEMA.  
Haiti (Update) 
On 17 August, the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) reported that, due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred in southern Haiti on 14 August, there have been 1,419 deaths, 6,900 injuries, and 83,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. In addition, the passage of Tropical Storm Grace has complicated search and rescue efforts and the situation of those that have been displaced. On 16 August, media reported that hospitals have become oversaturated with patients waiting for care in stairways, corridors, and on the terraces of hospitals. Due to not being able to receive immediate care, many of the injured have developed infections. In terms of humanitarian aid, media reported that Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, and Colombia have sent 77 tons of food, medicine, and other supplies to Haiti to care for the victims of the earthquake. The reports are available at: ECHOEl Financiero, and Sipse.