Strategic Fund Products and Prices

The products purchased through the Strategic Fund meet international standards in safety, efficacy, and quality. Products not included in this list (such as Diagnostics and Equipment for TB, HPV, Opportunistic Infections, Chagas, Leishmaniasis, among others), can be purchased upon request by Member States.

With the filter pane on the top of the catalog, you can search for a specific product. You will be able to search by product category, area, and indication, using the filters in the bar on the bottom. Likewise, you can filter the catalog to show all products, or only those that have a Long-Term Agreement.

Download the product list and prices in PDF:

The Strategic Fund Medicine List does not seek to replace or complement the WHO the Essential Medicine List or Member States national essential medicine lists. As a result, this list should not be utilized as reference for the development of other essential medicine lists or treatment guidelines.

Prices and lead-time will depend on the product availability at the time of the request. For budgeting purposes, PAHO suggests that the Member States add an additional 20-25% to reflect the cost of freight and insurance to the port of delivery and a 4.25% surcharge on the product price.