Transfusion Blood Supply Latin America and Caribbean (2020)

Blood transfusions are necessary to improve or save the lives of children with severe anemia, mothers in obstetric emergencies, patients with hemoglobinopathies, cancer patients, transplant patients, patients with chronic age-related diseases, such as hemorrhages caused by vascular problems and orthopedic surgeries, people injured in accidents, among other causes.

In 2014, the countries of the Region of the Americas reaffirmed their commitment to universal health through the endorsement of the Action Plan for Universal Access to Safe Blood 2014-2019, approved by the 53rd Directing Council held in October 2014 (CD53.6).

The plan promotes universal access to safe blood for transfusions in the Region through voluntary unpaid donations, the organization of blood services, the implementation of quality and safety standards, and the implementation of governance actions.