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Universal Health in the 21st Century: 40 Years after Alma-Ata [Banner 24 x 60 - English]
12 December 2018

Throughout the last four decades, the Declaration of Alma-Ata has acted as a linchpin for health policies developed and adopted to achieve the ambitious goal of “health for all.”  During these past decades, the countries of the Region of the Americas have implemented health sector reforms aiming to transform health systems based on the Primary Health Care (PHC) strategy. 
The main objective of the High Level Meeting is to launch the Regional Forum, Universal Health in the 21st Century: 40 years after Alma Ata, to recognize and celebrate progress achieved over the last 40 years, but also to identify obstacles and challenges, renewing the regional movement and the development of strategic alliances for innovation, advocacy and a commitment to Universal Health.
The Regional Forum will constitute a space for regional dialogue, analysis and debate on the values and principles of Alma Ata within the context of Universal Health in the 21st century, a dialogue that will continue throughout 2018.