Management of Education in Country Nodes. Training and exchange meetings 2023

Management of Education in Country Nodes. Training and exchange meetings 2023
Serie de webinarios del Campus Virtual

WHAT: Management of Education in Country Nodes. Training and exchange meetings 2023.

Topic: Design, use and circulation of Open Educational Resources. 

WHEN: 16 November 2023

TIME: 12.00 p.m. (EST)

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Languages: English and Spanish interpretation


The Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH) is the educational platform of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) that aims to contribute to the development of the skills and competencies of health workers, by supporting the transformation of public health services and practices in the Region of the Americas. It works as a decentralized network of people, institutions, and organizations that share open educational resources and courses on public health issues relevant to the countries of the region, through the use of information and communication technologies.
The country nodes constitute the basic structure of the VCPH and are a form of organization that facilitates the management of training priorities, through decentralization in the PAHO Country Offices and in the national teams, enabling the achievement of a work dynamic that supports the processes of technical cooperation of each country.
In recent years, the VCPH has provided guidelines for the management of country nodes, updated documents for guidance on educational management, and offered self-training materials for the training of tutors and coordinators of virtual educational projects.
In 2022, a broad program of technical support and strengthening of the country nodes throughout the region was developed; the consolidation of technical teams was achieved in most of the nodes, updating of the portals, formalization of new inter-institutional agreements and formulation of work plans.
The use of the VCPH in the country nodes presents a diversity of realities: intensive use of regional courses, development of courses in collaborative work by subregions, use of classrooms through collaboration with national health authorities, etc.
This webinar program seeks to offer training on priority topics in the management of virtual education and to continue strengthening the collaborative work network between the subregions and the VCPH country nodes.  It include presentation of topics related to the management of virtual education, the strategic use of the information generated by the campus, and the synergy between the training instances and PAHO's technical cooperation.
It is expected that one webinar per month will be facilitated with the participation of experts from organizations linked to virtual education and PAHO, and ensuring simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and English. 
The program is aimed at managers of country nodes, teachers and researchers from educational institutions that are part of the network of nodes, and health professionals interested in permanent health education.
A virtual classroom will be opened to monitor the materials offered in the webinars and a participation certificate will be awarded to those who participate in 80% of the meetings.


  1. To disseminate the work of the VCPH and its country nodes

  2. To strengthen knowledge of the VCPH Educational Approach within the framework of Permanent Education in Health

  3. To present challenges in the management of virtual training within the framework of the VCPH country nodes

  4. To promote the strategic use of the information generated in the nodes and portals of the VCPH

  5. To promote the collaborative work and the creation of communities of practice of PEH managers within the framework of the VCPH


Date: 16 November 

Topic: Design, use and circulation of Open Educational Resources.

  • Welcome and presentation of the purpose of the 7th Meeting: “Design, use and circulation of Open Educational Resources”.  Gabriel Listovsky. Virtual Campus Coordinator.
  • Strategic alliances between educational and health sector institutions for the systematization and dissemination of virtual education processes. Use of networks for the dissemination of materials (OER). Publication of experiences in scientific journals. Carlos Alberto Pereira Oliveira. State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Assistant Director of IFHT/UERJ. Researcher of LAIS/UFRN.
  • Open Educational Resources in the Virtual Campus. Gabriel Listovsky. Virtual Campus Coordinator.
  • Exchange with participants. Escarle Pena and Maria del Carmen Cadile. International PAHO Consultants. 
  • Closing remarks. Gabriel Listovsky. Virtual Campus Coordinator.