Readiness meeting: extreme hydrometeorological events 2023

Readiness meeting: extreme hydrometeorological events 2023
Readiness meeting: extreme hidrometeorological events 2023

Extreme hydrometeorological events, such as hurricanes, torrential rainfall and resulting floods and landslides, are a constant threat to the region. According to data from the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CERD), these events have led to 57% of emergencies in the Americas, affecting more than 175 million people. Although 2023 could present a below-average hurricane season, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center, above-normal rainfall is expected for some countries in the Americas and the possibility of an El Niño later in the year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOOA).

In view of the official start of the hurricane season on June 1st, this meeting is a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge with experts in disaster response and public health in emergencies, in order to motivate the review, update and strengthening of emergency response plans, intersectoral coordination mechanisms at different territorial levels to provide a timely and effective response in line with the warnings issued in each country in the region.

This webinar took place on May 31st, 2023.



Forecast of El Niño and other extreme hydro-meteorological events in the region
Mr. Juan Jose Nieto
International center for reserach of the El Niño phenomenon. 

2023 Hurricane Season Forecast 
Mr. Rodney Martínez
World Meteorological Organization

Health Sector Response: Damage Assessment and the SMART Hospital Experience - Tropical Storm Lisa Emergency
Mr. John Bodden 
Ministry of Health and Wellness, Belize

Coordination and inter-sectoral response to hydrometeorological events - Emergency in La Mojana 
Dr. Jacqueline Gallo
Urgency and Emergency Regulating Center (CRUE), Colombia

Panel: Comprehensive health risk assessment - epidemiological risk and risk in health services
PAHO Health Emergencies Department, Dr. María Almirón and Dr. Alex Camacho 
Epidemiological risk assessment - Video
Risk assessment in infrastructure and health services  - Video 

Early alert warning systems and response operations
Dr. Leonardo Hernandez
Health Emergencies Dept., PAHO