PAHO/WHO Bahamas participates in national blood drive

Team PAHO gets screened prior to donating blood

Team members of the PAHO/WHO The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands Country Office took a moment from their busy Saturday morning to support the Public Hospitals Authority's blood drive. After a national plea for blood donations, the PAHO Panthers answered the call to save a life, one drop at a time.

The Bahamas, like many countries around the world, is experiencing a shortage of safe blood donations. Blood and blood products are vital for surgeries, childbirth and pregnancies, traumatic injuries, and other medical emergencies. Blood donations are needed continuously as its storage life is limited. Residents are encouraged to donate blood.

Considering being a blood donor? By donating safe, quality blood, you can help recipients of blood and blood components to live better lives. No need to worry about one’s body having sufficient blood, the body will replenish the supply within 36 hours. Contact your health care provider today to confirm your eligibility to donate blood today.

For more information about blood donations, visit Blood products: Blood donation (