PAHO and Brazil advance their agenda in strengthening human resources for health in the Americas

Human resources for health

Washington D.C., May 7, 2024—The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Secretariat for Labor Management and Health Education (SGTES) of the Ministry of Health of Brazil discussed future join actions to strengthen the human resources for health in the Americas within the framework of their  technical cooperation agreement.

The representatives of both organizations revisited and further discussed their technical cooperation agenda, which includes governance in human resources for health, strengthening interprofessional teams with emphasis on the first level of care, labor regulation, education in health, workforce a planning, and occupational health and safety in health care.

During the meeting, SGTES presented its vision and proposal for the 4th National Conference on Work Management and Education in Health (CNGTES), which will take place from December 10 to 13, 2024, in Brasilia, Brazil. This event has become an emblematic space for generating dialogue and debates between different actors with the aim of investing in health workers to promote the development and better future for Brazil, highlighted the SGTES’ Secretary, Isabela Cardoso. 

Benjamín Puertas, Unit Chief of Human Resources for Health at PAHO, gave an overview of PAHO’s recent progress on priority areas related to education and interprofessional teams, mobility and migration of the workforce, expanding the role of nurses in primary health care, and the health labor market analysis. It was also recognized the opportunities in strengthening PAHO’s work with Brazil and the country’s potential in becoming a leader at the international level in the field of strengthening the health workforce. 

In addition, Gabriel Listovsky, Special Program Chief of the PAHO Virtual Campus for Public Health, highlighted the collaboration with WHO Academy, the challenges of the platform and the work advanced with the country’s nodes. 

The meeting concluded with advancing on the strategic and technical lines of action from the agreed roadmap between both organizations. The meeting had the participation of Isabela Cardoso Matos Pinto, Secretary of SGTES; Bruno Guimarães de Almeida, Director of SGTES’ Department of Labor Management and Regulation; Benjamín Puertas , Unit Chief of PAHO’s Human Resources for Health; Gabriel Listovsky, Special Program Chief Virtual Campus for Public Health, with their respective teams; and Mónica Dinis Duraes, national consultant on human resources for health at PAHO’s Country Office in Brazil.