Municipalities for Zero Malaria

Municipalities for Zero Malaria is a collaboration with high malaria burden municipalities and partners that takes the form of an initiative that promotes coordinated action for greater impact. Operating as a network of municipalities which shares a common concern and passion for addressing malaria, committed to positive change, and focused on local and field level interventions, the initiative will be enabled by a community of partners (international and local) and relevant government agencies at the national and local levels for the establishment of public health policies, the reorientation of health operations, and the creation of supportive environments that enable the elimination of malaria.

The inspiration for the movement is based on the proceedings of the November 2018 “Consultation Meeting on Addressing Malaria in High-burden Municipalities” which highlighted the need to act more decisively and locally to impact malaria in areas with the greatest burden. It currently involves seven municipalities which participated in the meeting as well as other municipalities which will be nominated to the 2019 Malaria Champions of the Americas. Efforts of participating municipalities will be supported, monitored, and evaluated in terms of key milestones reached on malaria diagnosis, treatment, investigation and response, innovation, political commitment, collaboration, and impact, among others. From this roster of municipalities will rise the new generation of Malaria Champions of the Americas beginning 2019.