Caroll Valeriano and her dedication to essential newborn care

Caroll Valeriano is a health doctor and technician at the Honduran Ministry of Health working in the First Level of Care Department. She is in one of the most important moments of her life. At 33 weeks pregnant she is about to become a mother for the first time, and just at that moment she got the opportunity to participate in a special neonatal care workshop where she was trained to be a facilitator and share her knowledge with other health professionals.

Tegucigalpa, 20 de junio de 2023.

I feel ready to take on the role of facilitator, with a desire to pass on not only the theory, but also the emotion and dedication I experienced first-hand.

Caroll's experience at the workshop was more than rewarding. Although she already had the knowledge she had acquired during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, this training gave her a whole new perspective.

“I wasn't just thinking from a theoretical point of view, I was thinking about the experience I would have as a mother and the care my baby would require at birth," she said.

The impact of the training was profound for the young doctor. She now understands the importance of every detail, and the relevance of interventions in the lives of newborns. She is sure that when she replicates this knowledge with health personnel, she will have a wealth of personal experiences to share.

Valeriano was grateful for this unique opportunity. The combination of her pregnancy and her participation in the workshop gave her a valuable perspective and an even stronger emotional connection. She was confident that this learning would prepare her to provide exceptional care for both her own baby and those she would guide in the future.