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Integrity and Conflict Management System (ICMS)
Helping to maintain integrity and resolve conflict in PAHO

What is the mission of the Investigations Office?

The mission of the Investigations Office is to foster good governance of the Organization. This includes performing professional, independent, objective, impartial and timely administrative fact-finding investigations into allegations of misconduct involving any person who works in a PAHO workplace, regardless of the type of contract held or the duration of appointment, as well as third parties performing activities contracted for or financed by PAHO.

Who does the Investigations Office report to?

The Investigations Office is an independent entity that only reports to PAHO for administrative purposes. To guarantee and maintain independence, the Investigations Office reports directly to the Governing Bodies of PAHO through the Executive Committee. This means that the Office must demonstrate integrity, objectivity and confidentiality, and perform its mandate without any influence from staff, management or third parties outside of the Organization.

What is the level of authority of the Investigations Office?

The Investigations Office has full authority to meet and question any person who works for PAHO and who may have relevant knowledge or information about an issue being investigated. 

The Investigations Office has full and unrestricted access to documents or files created or stored in the Organization’s electronic system reasonably believed to be relevant to carry out an investigation.

What is the level of confidentiality of the Investigations Office?

The Investigations Office takes reasonable precautions to protect any confidential information obtained during an investigation as well as the identities of the parties involved in an investigation, including that of the individuals questioned. Any information provided or acquired will remain confidential to the maximum extent possible except under a legitimate need-to-know basis.

Who can use the services of the Investigations Office?

The Investigations Office is accessible to all PAHO personnel, regardless of the type or duration of their appointment or contract, as well as members of the public who want to file a report about any PAHO personnel or activities contracted for or financed by PAHO.

When should you contact the Investigations Office?

You should contact the Investigations Office if you would like to provide information about possible violations of PAHO policies, including misconduct and irregularities, such as fraud, harassment, abuse of authority, discrimination, conflicts of interest and misuse of resources.

How can the Investigations Office be contacted?

The Investigations Office may be contacted via email at or through PAHO’s Helpline, a secure line of communication through which an individual may ask questions, express concerns, or report allegations of misconduct to the Investigations Office, and remain anonymous if desired.


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