Initiating a conversation about ageism


This guide is designed to help everyone start a conversation about ageism—whether at home, at work, in the classroom, or in the policy-making space. Ageism is present in the way we think, feel and act towards others and ourselves according to age, whether we are conscious of it or not. It is everywhere, in our institutions, relationships and ourselves. Ageism harms us individually and collectively, affecting our health and well- being and costing society billions of dollars. Fortunately, ageism can be combatted, but collective action is needed to raise awareness and address this issue.

Dialogue is a powerful way to engage in things that matter to us. Continued, open conversations can help us acknowledge the myths and stereotypes that we have all internalized during a lifetime, recognize ageism when we encounter it and understand that ending discrimination requires collective action. Challenging assumptions and attitudes is the first step for thriving at any age and for communities to tap the potential of all its members. Conversations also encourage the kinds of personal and political transformations that are necessary to create a world for all ages.