Human Rights and Legislative Transformation in Mental Health

Human Rights and Legislative Transformation in Mental Health

Join us on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) for the webinar Human Rights and Legislative Transformation in Mental Health, an event to raise awareness and develop intersectoral capacities on human rights in mental health.


  1. Promote the importance of reviewing laws, policies, and regulations related to mental health services in the Americas in accordance with human rights standards, adopting community-based, person-centered, and recovery-oriented approaches. 

  1. Provide guidance and resources to strengthen mental health laws, policies, and programs in various sectors to ensure the provision of quality mental health services aligned with international human rights standards. 

  1. Recognize and encourage the active participation and empowerment of individuals with lived experiences in legal review processes and decision-making regarding their different areas of life, care, treatment, and recovery plans.  

  1. Facilitate the exchange of experiences among mental health professionals, human rights experts, and representatives from other sectors, including individuals with lived experience. 


Webinar series

This webinar is the third one of the series Foundations for Change in Mental Health in the Americas. For more information on the series and the next events, please click here: 

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In the Americas region, despite the ongoing efforts of mental health services to support individuals with mental health conditions, stigma, discrimination, and human rights violations endure. People with mental health conditions are often subjected to false beliefs, such as being viewed as dangerous, lacking decision-making capacity, or being weak, which perpetuates continuing stigmatizing and discriminatory attitudes. Additionally, coercive practices, inadequate treatment and living conditions, neglect, and, in some instances, even abuse persist within healthcare settings. Consequently, in many countries, individuals still lack access to quality services that meet their needs while respecting their rights and dignity.

Accordingly, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) promotes and protects the human rights of individuals facing mental health conditions, emphasizing the importance of aligning practices with international human rights conventions and standards. In line with this commitment, PAHO is organizing the third webinar of the "Foundations for Mental Health Change in the Americas" series. This webinar will focus on Human Rights and Legislative Transformation in Mental Health. 

 Webinar series

Foundations for Change in Mental Health in the Americas

With the purpose of improving the quality of care and protecting the rights of people with mental health problems and psychosocial disabilities, PAHO/WHO advocates for a community-based, person-centered approach to mental health in the Americas, rights-based and recovery-oriented.

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